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Analysis of diagnoses extracted from electronic health records in a large mental health case register

Kovalchuk Y, Stewart R, Broadbent M, Hubbard T J P, Dobson R J B
PLoS One 2017 Feb;12(2): IF: 3.05 |

Intensive versus Guideline Blood Pressure and Lipid Lowering in Patients with Previous Stroke: Main Results from the Pilot 'Prevention of Decline in Cognition after Stroke Trial' (PODCAST) Randomised Controlled Trial

Bath P M, Scutt P, Blackburn D J, Ankolekar S, Krishnan K, Ballard C, Burns A, Mant J, Passmore P, Pocock S, Reckless J, Sprigg N, Stewart R, Wardlaw J M, Ford G A, Podcast Trial Investigators
PLoS One 2017 Jan;12(1): IF: 3.05 |

Restless legs syndrome and cardiovascular diseases: A case-control study

Cholley-Roulleau M, Chenini S, Beziat S, Guiraud L, Jaussent I, Dauvilliers Y
PLoS One 2017 ;12(4):e0176552 IF: 3.05 | PubMed

Health Service Utilisation, Detection Rates by Family Practitioners, and Management of Patients with Common Mental Disorders in French Family Practice

Norton J, Engberink A O, Gandubert C, Ritchie K, Mann A, David M, Capdevielle D
Can J Psychiat 2017 Jan 01;Epub ahead of print():706743716686918 IF: 2.95 | PubMed

Hypersomnolence, Hypersomnia, and Mood Disorders

Barateau L, Lopez R, Franchi J A, Dauvilliers Y
Curr Psychiatry Rep 2017 Feb;19(2):13 IF: 2.85 | PubMed

User profiles of an electronic mental health tool for ecological momentary assessment: MEmind

Barrigon M L, Berrouiguet S, Carballo J J, Bonal-Gimenez C, Fernandez-Navarro P, Pfang B, Delgado-Gomez D, Courtet P, Aroca F, Lopez-Castroman J, Artes-Rodriguez A, Baca-Garcia E
Int J Meth Psych Res 2017 Mar;26(1):e1554 IF: 2.85 |

Patients with diabetes are at high risk of serious medication errors at hospital: Interest of clinical pharmacist intervention to improve healthcare

Breuker C, Abraham O, di Trapanie L, Mura T, Macioce V, Boegner C, Jalabert A, Villiet M, Castet-Nicolas A, Avignon A, Sultan A
Eur J Intern Med 2017 Mar;38():38-45 IF: 2.59 |

EUDOR-A multi-centre research program: A naturalistic, European Multi-centre Clinical study of EDOR Test in adult patients with primary depression

Sarchiapone M, Iosue M, Carli V, Amore M, Baca-Garcia E, Batra A, Cosman D, Courtet P, Di Sciascio G, Gusmao R, Parnowski T, Pestality P, Saiz P, Thome J, Tingstrom A, Wojnar M, Zeppegno P, Thorell L H
BMC Psychiatry 2017 Mar 23;17(1):108 IF: 2.57 | PubMed

Natural language processing to extract symptoms of severe mental illness from clinical text: the Clinical Record Interactive Search Comprehensive Data Extraction (CRIS-CODE) project

Jackson R G, Patel R, Jayatilleke N, Kolliakou A, Ball M, Gorrell G, Roberts A, Dobson R J, Stewart R
BMJ Open 2017 Jan;7(1):e012012 IF: 2.56 |

Corpus callosum volumes in bipolar disorders and suicidal vulnerability

Gifuni A J, Olie E, Ding Y, Cyprien F, le Bars E, Bonafe A, Courtet P, Jollant F
Psychiatry Res 2017 Feb 10;262():47-54 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

Mirror self-face perception in individuals with schizophrenia: Feelings of strangeness associated with one's own image

Bortolon C, Capdevielle D, Altman R, Macgregor A, Attal J, Raffard S
Psychiatry Res 2017 Apr 03;253():205-210 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

Impact of child maltreatment on meaning in life in psychiatric patients

Weibel S, Vidal S, Olie E, Hasler R, Torriani C, Prada P, Courtet P, Guillaume S, Perroud N, Huguelet P
Psychiatry Res 2017 Feb 13;251():204-211 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

Personality traits are associated with the valence of future imagined events in individuals with schizophrenia

Raffard S, Bortolon C, Stephan Y, Capdevielle D, Van der Linden M
Psychiatry Res 2017 Mar 18;253():138-141 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

The link between dissociation and both suicide attempts and non-suicidal self-injury: Meta-analyses

Calati R, Bensassi I, Courtet P
Psychiatry Res 2017 Jan 17;251():103-114 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

COLIN trial: Value of colchicine in the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction and inflammatory response

Akodad M, Lattuca B, Nagot N, Georgescu V, Buisson M, Cristol J P, Leclercq F, Macia J C, Gervasoni R, Cung T T, Cade S, Cransac F, Labour J, Dupuy A M, Roubille F
Arch Cardiovasc Dis 2017 Jan 03;Epub ahead of print(): IF: 2.27 | PubMed