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Knowledge Gaps in the Perioperative Management of Adults With Narcolepsy: A Call for Further Research

Hershner S, Dauvilliers Y, Chung F, Singh M, Wong J, Gali B, Kakkar R, Mignot E, Thorpy M, Auckley D
Anesth Analg 2019 Mar 7;129(1):204-11 IF: 3.46 | PubMed

Kleine-Levin syndrome is associated with LMOD3 variants

Al Shareef S M, Basit S, Li S, Pfister C, Pradervand S, Lecendreux M, Mayer G, Dauvilliers Y, Salpietro V, Houlden H, BaHammam A S, Tafti M
J Sleep Res 2019 Jun 19;28(3):e12718 IF: 3.43 | PubMed

Maintenance of Wakefulness Test, real and simulated driving in patients with narcolepsy/hypersomnia

Sagaspe P, Micoulaud-Franchi J A, Coste O, Leger D, Espie S, Davenne D, Lopez R, Dauvilliers Y, Philip P
Sleep Med 2019 Mar 8;55():1-5 IF: 3.39 | PubMed

The relationship between polypharmacy and trajectories of cognitive decline in people with dementia: A large representative cohort study

Soysal P, Perera G, Isik A T, Onder G, Petrovic M, Cherubini A, Maggi S, Shetty H, Molokhia M, Smith L, Stubbs B, Stewart R, Veronese N, Mueller C
Exp Gerontol 2019 Jun;120():62-67 IF: 3.22 | PubMed

Association between DNA methylation of the KITLG gene and cortisol levels under stress: a replication study

Wrigglesworth J, Ancelin M L, Ritchie K, Ryan J
Stress 2019 Oct 9;22(1):162-68 IF: 3.04 | PubMed

Erratum to 'Frequent attendance and the concordance between PHQ screening and GP assessment in the detection of common mental disorders' [Journal of Psychosomatic Research, Vol. 110 (2018) 1-10]

Norton J, Oude Engberink A, Gandubert C, Macgregor A, David M, Mann A, Ritchie K, Ancelin M L, Capdevielle D
J Psychosom Res 2019 Mar;118():17 IF: 2.94 |

Ethnic differences in cognition and age in people diagnosed with dementia: A study of electronic health records in two large mental healthcare providers

Mukadam N, Lewis G, Mueller C, Werbeloff N, Stewart R, Livingston G
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry 2019 Mar;34(3):504-510 IF: 2.94 |

Screening for cognitive deficits with the Evaluation of Cognitive Processes involved in Disability in Schizophrenia scale

Roux P, Urbach M, Fonteneau S, Berna F, Brunel L, Capdevielle D, Chereau I, Dubreucq J, Faget-Agius C, Fond G, Leignier S, Perier C C, Richieri R, Schneider P, Schurhoff F, Tronche A M, Yazbek H, Zinetti-Bertschy A, Passerieux C, Brunet-Gouet E, FondaMental Advanced Ctr Expertise
Clin Rehabil 2019 Jan;33(1):113-119 IF: 2.93 |

Exploring collagen remodeling and regulation as prognosis biomarkers in stable heart failure

Dupuy A M, Kuster N, Curinier C, Huet F, Plawecki M, Solecki K, Roubille F, Cristol J P
Clin Chim Acta 2019 Sep 1;490():167-71 IF: 2.92 | PubMed

Participant Experiences of Attending a Community CBT Workshop for Insomnia: A Qualitative Six-Year Follow-Up

Barnes G L, Lawrence V, Khondoker M, Stewart R, Brown J S L
Behav Sleep Med 2019 Mar;17(2):156-173 IF: 2.87 |

Influence of activity space on the association between neighborhood characteristics and dementia risk: results from the 3-City study cohort

Letellier N, Carriere I, Gutierrez L A, Gabelle A, Dartigues J F, Dufouil C, Helmer C, Cadot E, Berr C
BMC Geriatr 2019 Jan;19(4):1-11 IF: 2.86 | PubMed

Defining Vitality: Associations of Three Operational Definitions of Vitality with Disability in Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and Frailty among Elderly Over a 3-Year Follow-Up (MAPT Study)

Giudici K V, Barreto P D, Soriano G, Rolland Y, Vellas B, Vellas B, Guyonnet S, Carrie I, Brigitte L, Faisant C, Lala F, Delrieu J, Villars H, Combrouze E, Badufle C, Zueras A, Andrieu S, Cantet C, Morin C, van Kan G A, Dupuy C, Rolland Y, Caillaud C, Ousset P J, Lala F, Fougere B, Willis S, Belleville S, Gilbert B, Fontaine F, Dartigues J F, Marcet I, Delva F, Foubert A, Cerda S, Marie Noelle Cuffi, Costes C, Rouaud O, Manckoundia P, Quipourt V, Marilier S, Franon E, Bories L, Pader M L, Basset M F, Lapoujade B, Faure V, Tong M L Y, Malick-Loiseau C, Cazaban-Campistron E, Desclaux F, Blatge C, Dantoine T, Laubarie-Mouret C, Saulnier I, Clement J P, Picat M A, Bernard-Bourzeix L, Willebois S, Desormais I, Cardinaud N, Bonnefoy M, Livet P, Rebaudet P, Gedeon C, Burdet C, Terracol F, Pesce A, Roth S, Chaillou S, Louchart S, Sudres K, Lebrun N, Barro-Belaygues N, Touchon J, Bennys K, Gabelle A, Romano A, Touati L, Marelli C, Pays C, Robert P, Le Duff F, Gervais C, Gonfrier S, Gasnier Y, Bordes S, Begorre D, Carpuat C, Khales K, Lefebvre J F, El Idrissi S M, Skolil P, Salles J P, Dufouil C, Lehericy S, Chupin M, Mangin J F, Bouhayia A, Allard M, Ricolfi F, Dubois D, Bonceour M P, Cotton F, Bonafe A, Chanalet S, Hugon F, Bonneville F, Cognard C, Chollet F, Payoux P, Voisin T, Delrieu J, Peiffer S, Hitzel A, Allard M, Zanca M, Monteil J, Darcourt J, Molinier L, Derumeaux H, Costa N, Vincent C, Perret B, Vinel C, Olivier-Abbal P, Andrieu S, Cantet C, Coley N, Mapt Dsa Grp
J Nutr Health Aging 2019 Apr;23(4):386-392 IF: 2.86 | PubMed

Real World Implementation of a Transdiagnostic Risk Calculator for the Automatic Detection of Individuals at Risk of Psychosis in Clinical Routine: Study Protocol

Fusar-Poli P, Oliver D, Spada G, Patel R, Stewart R, Dobson R, McGuire P
Front Psychiatry 2019 Mar;10(): IF: 2.85 |

National survey on the management of heart failure in individuals over 80 years of age in French geriatric care units

Boully C, Vidal J S, Guibert E, Ghazali F N, Pesce A, Beauplet B, Roger J D, Carriere I, Timbely B, Idiri H, Constensoux J P, Durocher A M, Dubail D, Fargier M, Jeandel C, Berrut G, Hanon O
BMC Geriatr 2019 Aug 1;19(1):204 IF: 2.81 | PubMed

Combining green cards, telephone calls and postcards into an intervention algorithm to reduce suicide reattempt (AlgoS): P-hoc analyses of an inconclusive randomized controlled trial

Messiah A, Notredame C E, Demarty A L, Duhem S, Vaiva G, Garre J B, Walter M, Goetghebeur D, Hanique D, Teissiere F, Chastang F, Roupie E, Brousse G, Brochart O, Lacrampe B, Vileyn F, Campagne J B, Michaut C, Lestavel P, Ducrocq F, Wiel E, Jardon V, Boss V, Warembourg F, Henry J M, Cailhol L, Courtet P, Pichene C, Nace L, Lagree V, Jover F, Thiery C, Buisse V, Guillibert E, Masmoudi R, Bellivier F, Renaud B, Chanudet C, Mehu G, Travers D, Bouget J, Babe M A, Secousse F, Birmes P, Mathur A, Lauque D, Thevenon-Gignac C, Moussouni H, Houdet D, Algo S Investigators
PLoS One 2019 Feb;14(2): IF: 2.76 |

Health administrative data enrichment using cohort information: Comparative evaluation of methods by simulation and application to real data

Silenou B C, Avalos M, Helmer C, Berr C, Pariente A, Jacqmin-Gadda H
PLoS One 2019 ;14(1):e0211118 IF: 2.76 | PubMed