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Anxiety and dementia: cause or effect?

Stewart R
Acta Psychiatr Scand 2019 Jan;139(1):3-5 IF: 4.98 | PubMed

General hospital admission rates in people diagnosed with personality disorder

Fok M L Y, Chang C K, Broadbent M, Stewart R, Moran P
Acta Psychiatr Scand 2019 Mar;139(3):248-255 IF: 4.98 |

Association between baseline pro-inflammatory cytokines and brain activation during social exclusion in patients with vulnerability to suicide and depressive disorder

Conejero I, Jaussent I, Cazals A, Thouvenot E, Mura T, le Bars E, Guillaume S, Squalli S, Courtet P, Olie E
Psychoneuroendocrinology 2019 Oct 4;99():236-242 IF: 4.73 | PubMed

Risk of readmission in patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder newly prescribed clozapine

Kesserwani J, Kadra G, Downs J, Shetty H, MacCabe J H, Taylor D, Stewart R, Chang C K, Hayes R D
J Psychopharmacol 2019 Apr;33(4):449-458 IF: 4.73 | PubMed

Clinicians' Concerns About Mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment Tools Designed for Emerging Psychiatric Problems: Prospective Acceptability Assessment of the MEmind App

Lemey C, Larsen M E, Devylder J, Courtet P, Billot R, Lenca P, Walter M, Baca-Garcia E, Berrouiguet S
J Med Internet Res 2019 Apr 25;21(4):e10111 IF: 4.67 | PubMed

Norms for standard neuropsychological tests from the French CONSTANCES cohort

Ouvrard C, Berr C, Meillon C, Ribet C, Goldberg M, Zins M, Amieva H
Eur J Neurol 2019 Dec 21;26(5):786-93 IF: 4.62 | PubMed

Relationship between childhood trauma and level of insight in schizophrenia: A path-analysis in the national FACE-SZ dataset

Pignon B, Lajnef M, Godin O, Geoffray M M, Rey R, Mallet J, Dubertret C, Roux P, Passerieux C, Marulaz L, Brunel L, Dubreucq J, Leignier S, Capdevielle D, Andre M, Aouizerate B, Misdrahi D, Berna F, Vidailhet P, Chereau I, Llorca P M, Fond G, Lancon C, Leboyer M, Schurhoff F, Andrianarisoa M D, Aouizerate B, Berna F, Blanc O, Brunel L, Bulzacka E, Capdevielle D, Chereau-Boudet I, Chesnoy-Servanin G, Danion J, d'Amato T, Deloge A, Delorme C, Denizot H, Dorey J M, Dubertret C, Dubreucq J, Faget C, Fluttaz C, Fond G, Fonteneau S, Gabayet F, Giraud-Baro E, Hardy-Bayle M C, Lacelle D, Lancon C, Laouamri H, Leboyer M, Le Gloahec T, Le Strat Y, Llorca P M, Mallet J, Metairie E, Misdrahi D, Offerlin-Meyer I, Passerieux C, Peri P, Pires S, Portalier C, Rey R, Roman C, Sebilleau M, Schandrin A, Schurhoff F, Tessier A, Tronche A, Urbach M, Vaillant F, Vehier A, Vidailhet P, Vila E, Yazbek H, Zinetti-Bertschy A, FondaMental Acad Ctr Expertise
Schizophr Res 2019 Jun;208():90-96 IF: 4.56 |

Common and rare GCH1 variants are associated with Parkinson's disease

Rudakou U, Ouled Amar Bencheikh B, Ruskey J A, Krohn L, Laurent S B, Spiegelman D, Liong C, Fahn S, Waters C, Monchi O, Fon E A, Dauvilliers Y, Alcalay R N, Dupre N, Gan-Or Z
Neurobiol Aging 2019 Sep 15;73(231.e1 ): IF: 4.45 | PubMed

Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Extrapyramidal Side Effects of Antipsychotics: Results From the National FACE-SZ Cohort

Misdrahi D, Tessier A, Daubigney A, Meissner W G, Schurhoff F, Boyer L, Godin O, Bulzacka E, Aouizerate B, Andrianarisoa M, Berna F, Capdevielle D, Chereau-Boudet I, d'Amato T, Dubertret C, Dubreucq J, Faget-Agius C, Lancon C, Mallet J, Passerieux C, Rey R, Schandrin A, Urbach M, Vidailhet P, Llorca P M, Fond G
J Clin Psychiatry 2019 Jan 8;80(1): IF: 4.24 | PubMed

Validation and refinement of the clinical staging model in a French cohort of outpatient with schizophrenia (FACE-SZ)

Godin O, Fond G, Bulzacka E, Schurhoff F, Boyer L, Myrtille A, Andrianarisoa M, Aouizerate B, Berna F, Capdevielle D, Chereau I, Dorey J M, Dubertret C, Dubreucq J, Faget C, Lancon C, Leignier S, Mallet J, Misdrahi D, Passerieux C, Rey R, Roux P, Vidailhet P, Costagliola D, Blanc O, Brunel L, Chereau-Boudet I, Chesnoy-Servanin G, Danion J M, d'Amato T, Deloge A, Delorme C, Denizot H, Doreyh J M, Dubertreth C, Fluttaz C, Fonteneau S, Gabayet F, Giraud-Baro E, Hardy-Bayle M C, Lacelle D, Lancon C, Laouamri H, Leboyer M, Le Gloahec T, Le Strat Y, Llorcap P M, Metairie E, Peri P, Pires S, Portalier C, Roman C, Sebilleau M, Schandrin A, Schneider P, Schurhoff F, Tessier A, Tronche A M, Urbach M, Vaillant F, Vehier A, Vila E, Yazbek H, Zinetti-Bertschy A, Llorca P M, Face-Sz FondaMental Acad Ctr Exper
Progr Neuro-Psychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 2019 Jun;92():226-234 IF: 4.18 |

Depression Increases the Risk of Death Independently From Vascular Events in Elderly Individuals: The Three-City Study

Pequignot R, Dufouil C, Peres K, Artero S, Tzourio C, Empana J P
J Am Geriatr Soc 2019 Jan 17;67(3):546-52 IF: 4.15 | PubMed

WFSBP guidelines on how to grade treatment evidence for clinical guideline development

Hasan A, Bandelow B, Yatham L N, Berk M, Falkai P, Moller H J, Kasper S, Bauer M, Bras M, Courtet P, Bras M, Dubois B, Eap C B, Gaebel W, Halaris A, Kasper S, Kates N, Kaye W, Kennedy S, Kranzler H R, Lanzenberger R, Lieberman J, Paris J, Petrides G, Rujescu D, Schlapfer T, Schmitt A, Sher L, Soldatos C, Stefanis N, Thibaut F, Tolga T, Treasure J, Zohar J, Wfsbp Guideline Task Force Chairs
World J Biol Psychiatry 2019 Jan;20(1):2-16 IF: 4.15 |

Polymorphism A118G of opioid receptor mu 1 (OPRM1) is associated with emergence of suicidal ideation at antidepressant onset in a large naturalistic cohort of depressed outpatients

Nobile B, Ramoz N, Jaussent I, Gorwood P, Olie E, Castroman J L, Guillaume S, Courtet P
Sci Rep 2019 Feb 22;9(1):2569 IF: 4.12 | PubMed

Association of symptoms of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and impulsive-aggression with severity of suicidal behavior in adult attempters

Conejero I, Jaussent I, Lopez R, Guillaume S, Olie E, Hebbache C, Cohen R F, Kahn J P, Leboyer M, Courtet P, Lopez-Castroman J
Sci Rep 2019 Mar 14;9(1):4593 IF: 4.12 | PubMed

Long-term effects of compulsory schooling on physical, mental and cognitive ageing: a natural experiment

Courtin E, Nafilyan V, Glymour M, Goldberg M, Berr C, Berkman L F, Zins M, Avendano M
J Epidemiol Community Health 2019 Jan 11;Epub ahead of print(): IF: 3.97 | PubMed

The contribution of optimism and hallucinations to grandiose delusions in individuals with schizophrenia

Bortolon C, Yazbek H, Norton J, Capdevielle D, Raffard S
Schizophr Res 2019 Jan 10;210():203-6 IF: 3.95 | PubMed