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Does education level determine the course of cognitive decline?

Leibovici D, Ritchie K, Ledesert B, Touchon J
Age Ageing 1996 Sep;25(5):392-7 IF: 2.19 | PubMed

Behavioral disturbances of dementia in ambulatory care settings

Ritchie K
Int Psychogeriatr 1996 ;8 Suppl 3():439-42 IF: 1.21 | PubMed


Senile dementia as an age-relating disease. Letter to the Editor

Ritchie K
Lancet 1995 ;346():1486-1487. IF: 23.87 |

Alzheimer's disease challenged and conquered. Book review.

Ritchie K
Lancet 1995 ;346():237 IF: 23.87 |

Dementia in the elderly

Ritchie K
Neurology 1995 Nov;45(11):2112-3 IF: 5.06 | PubMed

Mental status examination of an exceptional case of longevity J. C. aged 118 years

Ritchie K
Brit J Psychiat 1995 Feb;166(2):229-35 IF: 4.95 | PubMed

Heterogeneity in senile dementia and normal cognitive ageing.

Leibovici D, Ritchie K
Alzheimers Res 1995 ;1():17-22 IF: Nt


Identification of amyloid beta protein in the brain of the small, short-lived lemurian primate Microcebus murinus

Bons N, Mestre N, Ritchie K, Petter A, Podlisny M, Selkoe D
Neurobiol Aging 1994 Mar-Apr;15(2):215-20 IF: 5.31 | PubMed

Determinants of hormonal replacement therapy among postmenopausal women enrolled in the french Gazel cohort.

Ringa V, Ledesert B, Breart G
Ostoeoporosis Int 1994 ;4():16-20 IF: 4.21 |

Dementia-free life expectancy in France

Ritchie K, Robine J M, Letenneur L, Dartigues J F
Am J Public Health 1994 Feb;84(2):232-6 IF: 3.56 | PubMed

The impact of a comprehensive multi-dimensional geriatric assessment programme on duration of stay in a french acute medical ward.

Ledesert B, Lombrail P, Yeni P, Carbon C, Brodin M
Age Ageing 1994 ;23():223-227 IF: 2.19 |