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Impairment, disability and handicap as risk factors for depression in old age.

Prince M J, Harwood R H, Thomas A, Mann A H, Gospel Oak V
Psychol Med 1997 ;27():311-321 IF: 3.47 |

Strategies for the prevention of psychiatric disorder in primary care in south London

Weich S, Lewis G H, Churchill R, Mann A H
J Epidemiol Commun H 1997 ;51():304-309 IF: 3.00 |

The Shona Symptom Questionnaire: The development of an indigenous measure of common mental disorder in Harare.

Patel V, Simunyu E, Gwanzura F, Mann A H, Lewis G H
Acta Psychiat Scand 1997 ;95():469-475 IF: 2.96 |

Predictors of clinical and social outcomes after hospitalization in schizophrenia.

Menezes P R, Rodrigues L C, Mann A H
Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 1997 ;247():137-145 IF: 2.26 |

Use of health services for anxiety disorders: a multisite study in Quebec.

McCusker J, Boulenger J P, Boyer R, Bellavance F, Miller J M
Can J Psychiat 1997 ;42():730-736 IF: 2.25 |

Concurrent validity of a telephone administered version of the Gospel Oak instrument (including the SHORT-CARE).

Tunstall N, Prince M J, Mann A H
Int J Geriatr Psych 1997 ;12():1035-1038 IF: 2.16 |

Distribution temporelle des spindles au cours de 24 heures : application à la narcolepsie.

Besset A, Nobili L, Ondze B, Billiard M
Neurophysiol Clin 1997 ;27():165 IF: 2.01 |

Mental health care training priorities in general practice.

Kerwick S, Jones R W, Mann A H, Goldberg D
Brit J Gen Pract 1997 ;():225-227 IF: 1.73 |

Continuous in vitro culture of Babesia divergens in a serum-free medium.

Grande N, Precigout E, Ancelin M L, Moubri K, Carcy B, Lemesre J L, Vial H, Gorenflot A
Parasitology 1997 ;115():81-89 IF: 1.70 |

Sigmund: A European database of mental health surveys (letter).

Polge C
Eur Psychiat 1997 ;12():268-269 IF: 1.27 |

Impact of anesthesia on the cognitive functioning of the elderly

Ritchie K, Polge C, De Roquefeuil G, Djakovic M, Ledesert B
Int Psychogeriatr 1997 Sep;9(3):309-26 IF: 1.21 | PubMed

Psychiatry and primary care.

Buszewicz M, Mann A H
Curr Opin Psychiatr 1997 ;10():168-172 IF: 1.21 |

Plasmodium phospholipid metabolism, a target for the development of novel antimalarial drugs.

Vial H, Ancelin M L, Calas M, Giral L, Bourguignon J, Thomas A, Janse C, Peters W, Slomianny C, Herrera S, Ringwald P
Ann Trop Med Parasit 1997 ;91():s87-s90. IF: 1.21 |

Neuropsychological assessment in Alzheimer's disease: current status and future directions

Ritchie K
Int Psychogeriatr 1997 ;9 Suppl 1():95-104; discussion 143-50 IF: 1.21 | PubMed