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Humanoid robots versus humans: How is emotional valence of facial expressions recognized by individuals with schizophrenia? An exploratory study

Raffard S, Bortolon C, Khoramshahi M, Salesse R N, Burca M, Marin L, Bardy B G, Billard A, Macioce V, Capdevielle D
Schizophr Res 2016 Jun 9;176(2-3):506-13 IF: 4.45 | PubMed

Suicidal depressed patients respond less well to antidepressants in the short term

Lopez-Castroman J, Jaussent I, Gorwood P, Courtet P
Depress Anxiety 2016 Feb 16;33(6):483-94 IF: 4.40 | PubMed

Effectiveness and Safety of an Intracameral Injection of Cefuroxime for the Prevention of Endophthalmitis After Cataract Surgery With or Without Perioperative Capsular Rupture

Daien V, Papinaud L, Gillies M C, Domerg C, Nagot N, Lacombe S, Daures J P, Carriere I, Villain M
JAMA Ophthalmol 2016 May 2;134(7):810-16 IF: 4.34 | PubMed

Neurotrophin Genes and Antidepressant-Worsening Suicidal Ideation: A Prospective Case-Control Study

Voegeli G, Ramoz N, Shekhtman T, Courtet P, Gorwood P, Kelsoe J R
Int J Neuropsychoph 2016 Nov;19(11): IF: 4.33 |

Services for people at high risk improve outcomes in patients with first episode psychosis

Fusar-Poli P, Diaz-Caneja C M, Patel R, Valmaggia L, Byrne M, Garety P, Shetty H, Broadbent M, Stewart R, McGuire P
Acta Psychiat Scand 2016 Jan;133(1):76-85 IF: 4.22 |

Reporting of clinically diagnosed dementia on death certificates: retrospective cohort study

Perera G, Stewart R, Higginson I J, Sleeman K E
Age Ageing 2016 Sep;45(5):667-672 IF: 4.20 |

Neuroinflammation in suicide: Toward a comprehensive model

Courtet P, Giner L, Seneque M, Guillaume S, Olie E, Ducasse D
World J Biol Psychiatry 2016 Jul 30;17(8):564-86 IF: 4.18 | PubMed

Assessment and management of agitation in psychiatry: Expert consensus

Garriga M, Pacchiarotti I, Kasper S, Zeller S L, Allen M H, Vazquez G, Baldacara L, San L, McAllister-Williams R H, Fountoulakis K N, Courtet P, Naber D, Chan E W, Fagiolini A, Moller H J, Grunze H, Llorca P M, Jaffe R L, Yatham L N, Hidalgo-Mazzei D, Passamar M, Messer T, Bernardo M, Vieta E
World J Biol Psychiatry 2016 Mar;17(2):86-128 IF: 4.18 | PubMed

Evidence of a link between resting energy expenditure and bone remodelling, glucose homeostasis and adipokine variations in adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa

Maimoun L, Guillaume S, Lefebvre P, Philibert P, Bertet H, Picot M C, Gaspari L, Paris F, Seneque M, Dupuys A M, Courtet P, Thomas E, Mariano-Goulart D, Bringer J, Renard E, Sultan C
Osteoporos Int 2016 Aug 6;27(1):135-46 IF: 4.16 | PubMed

Patterns of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor use and risk of falls and fractures in community-dwelling elderly people: the Three-City cohort

Carriere I, Farre A, Norton J, Wyart M, Tzourio C, Noize P, Peres K, Fourrier-Reglat A, Ancelin M L
Osteoporos Int 2016 Jun 16;27(11):3187-95 IF: 4.16 | PubMed

Effects of alcohol withdrawal on monocyte subset defects in chronic alcohol users

Donnadieu-Rigole H, Mura T, Portales P, Duroux-Richard I, Bouthier M, Eliaou J F, Perney P, Apparailly F
J Leukoc Biol 2016 Nov;100(5):1191-1199 IF: 4.16 |

Repatriation is associated with isthmus cingulate cortex reduction in community-dwelling elderly

Calati R, Maller J J, Meslin C, Lopez-Castroman J, Ritchie K, Courtet P, Artero S
World J Biol Psychiatry 2016 Dec 15;Epub ahead of print():1-10 IF: 4.15 | PubMed

Birth by cesarean section and schizophrenia: results from the multicenter FACE-SZ data-set

Fond G, Bulzacka E, Boyer L, Llorca P M, Godin O, Brunel L, Andrianarisoa M G, Aouizerate B, Berna F, Capdevielle D, Chereau I, Denizot H, Dorey J M, Dubertret C, Dubreucq J, Faget C, Gabayet F, Le Strat Y, Micoulaud-Franchi J A, Misdrahi D, Rey R, Richieri R, Roger M, Passerieux C, Schandrin A, Urbach M, Vidalhet P, Schurhoff F, Leboyer M
Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2016 Jun 27;Epub ahead of print(): IF: 4.11 | PubMed

Biological underpinnings of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder: focusing on genetics and epigenetics

Ryan J, Chaudieu I, Ancelin M L, Saffery R
Epigenomics 2016 Sep 30;8(11):1553-69 IF: 4.04 | PubMed

Effect size for the main cognitive function determinants in a large cross-sectional study

Mura T, Amieva H, Goldberg M, Dartigues J F, Ankri J, Zins M, Berr C
Eur J Neurol 2016 Jul 20;23(11):1614-26 IF: 3.95 | PubMed

Are migraine and non-migrainous headache risk factors for stroke in the elderly? Findings from a 12-year cohort follow-up

Norton J, Portet F, Gabelle A, Debette S, Ritchie K, Touchon J, Berr C
Eur J Neurol 2016 Sep;23(9):1463-1470 IF: 3.95 |