Is there a link between biological parents' insight into their offspring's schizophrenia and their cognitive functioning, expressed emotion and knowledge about disorder?

BACKGROUND: Recent studies suggest that parents' awareness of their offspring's schizophrenia could influence their offspring's insight. Low patient insight is linked to impairment of specific cognitive abilities, and biological parents of schizophrenia patients have impaired capacities in these same domains. However, little is known about what specific socio-demographic, affective or cognitive factors may influence biological parents' awareness of their offspring's disease. METHOD: Data were drawn from 41 patient-parent dyads. Insight was assessed with a modified version of Amador's Scale to assess Unawareness of Mental Disorders, exploring dimensions of parents' awareness and attribution of their offspring's illness and symptoms. RESULTS: Higher educational levels, better working memory and executive functioning of parents were associated with better attribution of their offspring's symptoms to schizophrenia. CONCLUSIONS: Parents' insight into their offspring's schizophrenia is associated with cognitive abilities. This must be taken into account when developing family interventions.

  • Macgregor A
  • Norton J
  • Raffard S
  • Capdevielle D


  • Compr Psychiat
Apr 13;76():98-103