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Intensive versus Guideline Blood Pressure and Lipid Lowering in Patients with Previous Stroke: Main Results from the Pilot 'Prevention of Decline in Cognition after Stroke Trial' (PODCAST) Randomised Controlled Trial

Bath P M, Scutt P, Blackburn D J, Ankolekar S, Krishnan K, Ballard C, Burns A, Mant J, Passmore P, Pocock S, Reckless J, Sprigg N, Stewart R, Wardlaw J M, Ford G A, Podcast Trial Investigators
PLoS One 2017 Jan;12(1): IF: 3.05 |

Restless legs syndrome and cardiovascular diseases: A case-control study

Cholley-Roulleau M, Chenini S, Beziat S, Guiraud L, Jaussent I, Dauvilliers Y
PLoS One 2017 ;12(4):e0176552 IF: 3.05 | PubMed

The association between subjective memory complaint and objective cognitive function in older people with previous major depression

Chu C S, Sun I W, Begum A, Liu S I, Chang C J, Chiu W C, Chen C H, Tang H S, Yang C L, Lin Y C, Chiu C C, Stewart R
PLoS One 2017 Mar;12(3): IF: 3.05 |

Health Service Utilisation, Detection Rates by Family Practitioners, and Management of Patients with Common Mental Disorders in French Family Practice

Norton J, Engberink A O, Gandubert C, Ritchie K, Mann A, David M, Capdevielle D
Can J Psychiat 2017 Jan 01;Epub ahead of print():706743716686918 IF: 2.95 | PubMed

Hypersomnolence, Hypersomnia, and Mood Disorders

Barateau L, Lopez R, Franchi J A, Dauvilliers Y
Curr Psychiatry Rep 2017 Feb;19(2):13 IF: 2.85 | PubMed

User profiles of an electronic mental health tool for ecological momentary assessment: MEmind

Barrigon M L, Berrouiguet S, Carballo J J, Bonal-Gimenez C, Fernandez-Navarro P, Pfang B, Delgado-Gomez D, Courtet P, Aroca F, Lopez-Castroman J, Artes-Rodriguez A, Baca-Garcia E
Int J Meth Psych Res 2017 Mar;26(1):e1554 IF: 2.85 |

Patients with diabetes are at high risk of serious medication errors at hospital: Interest of clinical pharmacist intervention to improve healthcare

Breuker C, Abraham O, di Trapanie L, Mura T, Macioce V, Boegner C, Jalabert A, Villiet M, Castet-Nicolas A, Avignon A, Sultan A
Eur J Intern Med 2017 Mar;38():38-45 IF: 2.59 |

EUDOR-A multi-centre research program: A naturalistic, European Multi-centre Clinical study of EDOR Test in adult patients with primary depression

Sarchiapone M, Iosue M, Carli V, Amore M, Baca-Garcia E, Batra A, Cosman D, Courtet P, Di Sciascio G, Gusmao R, Parnowski T, Pestality P, Saiz P, Thome J, Tingstrom A, Wojnar M, Zeppegno P, Thorell L H
BMC Psychiatry 2017 Mar 23;17(1):108 IF: 2.57 | PubMed

Natural language processing to extract symptoms of severe mental illness from clinical text: the Clinical Record Interactive Search Comprehensive Data Extraction (CRIS-CODE) project

Jackson R G, Patel R, Jayatilleke N, Kolliakou A, Ball M, Gorrell G, Roberts A, Dobson R J, Stewart R
BMJ Open 2017 Jan;7(1):e012012 IF: 2.56 |

Impact of child maltreatment on meaning in life in psychiatric patients

Weibel S, Vidal S, Olie E, Hasler R, Torriani C, Prada P, Courtet P, Guillaume S, Perroud N, Huguelet P
Psychiatry Res 2017 Feb 13;251():204-211 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

Personality traits are associated with the valence of future imagined events in individuals with schizophrenia

Raffard S, Bortolon C, Stephan Y, Capdevielle D, Van der Linden M
Psychiatry Res 2017 Mar 18;253():138-141 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

The link between dissociation and both suicide attempts and non-suicidal self-injury: Meta-analyses

Calati R, Bensassi I, Courtet P
Psychiatry Res 2017 Jan 17;251():103-114 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

Corpus callosum volumes in bipolar disorders and suicidal vulnerability

Gifuni A J, Olie E, Ding Y, Cyprien F, le Bars E, Bonafe A, Courtet P, Jollant F
Psychiatry Res 2017 Feb 10;262():47-54 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

Mirror self-face perception in individuals with schizophrenia: Feelings of strangeness associated with one's own image

Bortolon C, Capdevielle D, Altman R, Macgregor A, Attal J, Raffard S
Psychiatry Res 2017 Apr 03;253():205-210 IF: 2.46 | PubMed

COLIN trial: Value of colchicine in the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction and inflammatory response

Akodad M, Lattuca B, Nagot N, Georgescu V, Buisson M, Cristol J P, Leclercq F, Macia J C, Gervasoni R, Cung T T, Cade S, Cransac F, Labour J, Dupuy A M, Roubille F
Arch Cardiovasc Dis 2017 Jan 03;Epub ahead of print(): IF: 2.27 | PubMed