Team 4 - Sleep pathologies

Yves Dauvilliers

Sleep disorders, insomnia, excessive daytime somnolence and parasomnia are widespread in aged people. Sleep disorders may be considered as risk factors for psychiatric, neurological and cardiovascular diseases. The aim of our projects is to characterize sleep disorders within the 3-City cohort of elderly people at an epidemiological and polysomnographic (night sleep recording at home) level and to determine potential sleep risk factor for the modification of cardio-vascular and cognitive functions and mood. Ambulatory sleep recording is being carried out on a sub-group of persons in order to better describe prevalent sleep disorders, to determine their gravity and to observe interactions with other risk factors for neuropsychiatric disorder. The work conducted by this group aims furthermore to describe the mechanisms involved in the association between sleep disorders and clinical outcomes (cognition, cardiovascular function, motricity, mood) in order to initiate the first steps towards intervention aimed at reversible components of this pathway.

Neurologist, University Professor / Hospital Practitioner

Statistician and Epidemiologist Senior Research Assistant Inserm

Neurologist, University Hospital Practitioner, PhD student,  "Centre national de référence narcolepsie hypersomnie idiopathique"

Neurologist, Hospital Assistant, PhD student, " Centre national de référence narcolepsie hypersomnie idiopathique"

Psychiatrist, Hospital Practitioner

Research Assistant Hospital Personnel, Neuropsychologist

PhD student University Montpellier

Research Assistant Hospital


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