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Association between the tryptophan hydroxylase gene and manic-depressive illness

Bellivier F, Leboyer M, Courtet P, Buresi C, Rudolf W, Beaufils B, Samolyk D, Mallet J, Malafosse A
Arch Gen Psychiat 1998 ;55():33-37 IF: 12.64 |

Antimalarial activity of 77 phospholipid polar head analogs: Close correlation between the inhibition of phospholipid metabolism and of in vitro Plasmodium falciparum growth.

Ancelin M L, Calas M, Bompart J, Cordina G, Martin D, Ben Bari M, Jei T, Druilhe P, Vial H
Blood 1998 ;91():1426-1437 IF: 10.13 |

Effect of aging on cholecystokinin-induced panic.

Flint A J, Koszycki D, Vaccarino F J, Cadieux A, Boulenger J P, Bradwejn J
Am J Psychiat 1998 ;155(2):283-285 IF: 8.28 |

Association between centromeric deletions of the SMN gene and sporadic adult-onset lower motor neuron disease.

Moulard B, Salachas F, Chassande B, Briolotti V, Meininger V, Malafosse A, Camu W
Ann Neurol 1998 ;43():640-644 IF: 7.57 |

Poverty, psychological disorder and disability in primary care attenders in Goa, India.

Patel V, Pereira J, Coutinho L, Fernandez R, Fernandes J, Mann A H
Brit J Psychiat 1998 ;172():533-536 IF: 4.95 |

Outcome of common mental disorders in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Patel V, Todd C, Winston M, Gwanzura F, Simunyu E, Acuda W, Mann A H
Brit J Psychiat 1998 ;172():53-57 IF: 4.95 |

Establishing the limits of normal cerebral ageing and senile dementias

Ritchie K
Brit J Psychiat 1998 Aug;173():97-101 IF: 4.95 | PubMed

Associations between diagnoses, impairments, disability and handicap in a population of elderly people.

Harwood R H, Prince M J, Mann A H, Ebrahim S
Int J Epidemiol 1998 ;27(2):261-268 IF: 4.04 |

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease

Touchon J, Ritchie K, Gely-Nargeot M C
Ann Med 1998 Jun;149(4):193-201 IF: 3.84 | PubMed

Association between the tryptophan hydroxylase gene and suicidal behavior in bipolar patients.

Bellivier F, Leboyer M, Courtet P, Buresi C, Samolyk D, Mallet J, Allilaire J F, Feingold J, Malafosse A
Am J Med Genet B 1998 ;81():512 IF: 3.52 |

Study of tryptophan hydroxylase gene polymorphisms in bipolar patients and suicide attempters.

Paoloni-Giacobino A, Courtet P, Bellivier F, Abbar M, Lambercy C, Mouthon D, Vessaz M, Mallet J, Boulenger J P, Leboyer M, Malafosse A, Buresi C
Am J Med Genet B 1998 ;81(): IF: 3.52 |

Somatic and Psychological models of common mental disorder in primary care in India.

Patel V, Pereira J, Mann A H
Psychol Med 1998 ;28():135-143 IF: 3.47 |

A prospective population-based cohort study of the effects of disablement and social milieu on the onset and maintenance of late-life depression.

Prince M J, Harwood R H, Thomas A, Mann A H, The Gospel Oak Project VII
Psychol Med 1998 ;28():337-350 IF: 3.47 |

The development of the Short Explanatory Model Interview (SEMI) and its use among primary-care attenders with common mental disorders.

Lloyd K R, Jacob K S, Patel V, St Louis L, Bhugra D K, Mann A H
Psychol Med 1998 ;28():1231-1237 IF: 3.47 |

Homeostatic process and sleep spindles in patients with sleep maintenance insomnia (SMI): effect of partial (21 hours) sleep deprivation (PSD).

Besset A, Villemin E, Tafti M, Billiard M
Electroencephal Clin Neurophysiol 1998 ;107():122-132 IF: 3.33 |

Mental health expectancy: an indicator to bridge the gap between clinical and public health perspectives of population mental health

Gispert R, Ritchie K, Rajmil L, Rué M, Glutting J P, Roset M
Acta Psychiat Scand 1998 Sep;98(3):182-6 IF: 2.96 | PubMed