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Rotigotine in Hemodialysis-Associated Restless Legs Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Dauvilliers Y, Benes H, Partinen M, Rauta V, Rifkin D, Dohin E, Goldammer N, Schollmayer E, Schroder H, Winkelman J W
Am J Kidney Dis 2016 Feb 2;Epub ahead of print(): IF: 5.90 | PubMed

Antihypertensive Drug Use, Blood Pressure Variability, and Incident Stroke Risk in Older Adults: Three-City Cohort Study

Tully P J, Debette S, Dartigues J F, Helmer C, Artero S, Tzourio C
Stroke 2016 Mar 24;47(5):1194-1200 IF: 5.76 | PubMed

Excessive daytime sleepiness and antipathogen drug consumption in the elderly: a test of the immune theory of sleep

Berticat C, Thomas F, Dauvilliers Y, Jaussent I, Ritchie K, Helmer C, Tzourio C, Raymond M, Artero S
Sci Rep 2016 ;6():23574 IF: 5.57 | PubMed

The effects of maternal anxiety during pregnancy on IGF2/H19 methylation in cord blood

Mansell T, Novakovic B, Meyer B, Rzehak P, Vuillermin P, Ponsonby A L, Collier F, Burgner D, Saffery R, Ryan J, B I S Investigator Team
Transl Psychiatry 2016 Mar;6(): IF: 5.53 |

The clinical picture of Alzheimer's disease in the decade before diagnosis: clinical and biomarker trajectories

Ritchie K, Carriere I, Berr C, Amieva H, Dartigues J F, Ancelin M L, Ritchie C W
J Clin Psychiatry 2016 Feb 16;77(3):e305-e311 IF: 5.49 | PubMed

Clustering suicide attempters: impulsive-ambivalent, well-planned, or frequent

Lopez-Castroman J, Nogue E, Guillaume S, Picot M C, Courtet P
J Clin Psychiat 2016 Mar 29;77(6):E 711-+ IF: 5.49 | PubMed

Brain Amyloid Deposition Is Associated With Lower Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Abilities in Older Adults. Results From the MAPT Study

Lilamand M, Cesari M, Del Campo N, Cantet C, Soto M, Ousset P J, Payoux P, Andrieu S, Vellas B
J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2016 Mar;71(3):391-7 IF: 5.47 | PubMed

Values as determinant of meaning among patients with psychiatric disorders in the perspective of recovery

Huguelet P, Guillaume S, Vidal S, Mohr S, Courtet P, Villain L, Girod C, Hasler R, Prada P, Olie E, Perroud N
Sci Rep 2016 ;6():27617 IF: 5.22 | PubMed

Absence of NMDA receptor antibodies in the rare association between Type 1 Narcolepsy and Psychosis

Dauvilliers Y, Gaig C, Barateau L, Graus F, Iranzo A, Lopez R, Santamaria J
Sci Rep 2016 May;6():25230 IF: 5.22 | PubMed

From radioimmunoassay to mass spectrometry: a new method to quantify orexin-A (hypocretin-1) in cerebrospinal fluid

Hirtz C, Vialaret J, Gabelle A, Nowak N, Dauvilliers Y, Lehmann S
Sci Rep 2016 ;6():25162 IF: 5.22 | PubMed

Analysis of DNAJC13 mutations in French-Canadian/French cohort of Parkinson's disease

Ross J P, Dupre N, Dauvilliers Y, Strong S, Ambalavanan A, Spiegelman D, Dionne-Laporte A, Pourcher E, Langlois M, Boivin M, Leblond C S, Dion P A, Rouleau G A, Gan-Or Z
Neurobiol Aging 2016 May 3;Epub ahead of print(): IF: 5.15 | PubMed

Narcolepsy-Associated HLA Class I Alleles Implicate Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity

Tafti M, Lammers G J, Dauvilliers Y, Overeem S, Mayer G, Nowak J, Pfister C, Dubois V, Eliaou J F, Eberhard H P, Liblau R, Wierzbicka A, Geisler P, Bassetti C L, Mathis J, Lecendreux M, Khatami R, Heinzer R, Haba-Rubio J, Feketeova E, Baumann C R, Kutalik Z, Tiercy J M
Sleep 2016 Oct 22;39(3):581-87 IF: 5.06 | PubMed

Smoking, Alcohol, Drug Use, Abuse and Dependence in Narcolepsy and Idiopathic Hypersomnia: A Case-Control Study

Barateau L, Jaussent I, Lopez R, Boutrel B, Leu-Semenescu S, Arnulf I, Dauvilliers Y
Sleep 2016 Nov 6;39(3):573-80 IF: 5.06 | PubMed

Impact of Astroglial Connexins on Modafinil Pharmacological Properties

Duchene A, Perier M, Zhao Y, Liu X, Thomasson J, Chauveau F, Pierard C, Lagarde D, Picoli C, Jeanson T, Mouthon F, Dauvilliers Y, Giaume C, Lin J S, Charveriat M
Sleep 2016 Apr 12;39(6):1283-92 IF: 5.06 | PubMed

The role of the melanoma gene MC1R in Parkinson disease and REM sleep behavior disorder

Gan-Or Z, Mohsin N, Girard S L, Montplaisir J Y, Ambalavanan A, Strong S, Mallett V, Laurent S B, Bourassa C V, Boivin M, Langlois M, Arnulf I, Hogl B, Frauscher B, Monaca C, Desautels A, Gagnon J F, Postuma R B, Dion P A, Dauvilliers Y, Dupre N, Alcalay R N, Rouleau G A
Neurobiol Aging 2016 Apr 6;Epub ahead of print(): IF: 5.01 | PubMed

The APOE epsilon 4 polymorphism does not predict late onset depression: the Three-City Study

Tully P J, Peres K, Berr C, Tzourio C
Neurobiol Aging 2016 Apr;40():191.e9-191.e10 IF: 5.01 | PubMed