Seizures in dominantly inherited Alzheimer disease

OBJECTIVE: To assess seizure frequency in a large French cohort of autosomal dominant early-onset Alzheimer disease (ADEOAD) and to determine possible correlations with causative mutations. METHODS: A national multicentric study was performed in patients with ADEOAD harboring a pathogenic mutation within PSEN1, PSEN2, APP, or a duplication of APP, and a minimal follow-up of 5 years. Clinical, EEG, and imaging data were systematically recorded. RESULTS: We included 132 patients from 77 families: 94 PSEN1 mutation carriers (MCs), 16 APP duplication carriers, 15 APP MCs, and 7 PSEN2 MCs. Seizure frequency was 47.7% after a mean follow-up of 8.4 years (range 5-25). After 5-year follow-up and using a Cox model analysis, the percentages of patients with seizures were respectively 19.1% (10.8%-26.7%) for PSEN1, 28.6% (0%-55.3%) for PSEN2, 31.2% (4.3%-50.6%) for APP duplications, and no patient for APP mutation. APP duplication carriers showed a significantly increased seizure risk compared to both APP MCs (hazard ratio [HR] = 5.55 [95% confidence interval 1.87-16.44]) and PSEN1 MCs (HR = 4.46 [2.11-9.44]). Among all PSEN1 mutations, those within the domains of protein hydrophilic I, transmembrane II (TM-II), TM-III, TM-IV, and TM-VII were associated with a significant increase in seizure frequency compared to other domains (HR = 4.53 [1.93-10.65], p = 0.0005). CONCLUSIONS: Seizures are a common feature of ADEOAD. In this population, risk was significantly higher in the APP duplication group than in all other groups. Within PSEN1, 5 specific domains were associated with a higher seizure risk indicating specific correlations between causative mutation and seizures.

  • Zarea A
  • Charbonnier C
  • Rovelet-Lecrux A
  • Nicolas G
  • Rousseau S
  • Borden A
  • Pariente J
  • Le Ber I
  • Pasquier F
  • Formaglio M
  • Martinaud O
  • Rollin-Sillaire A
  • Sarazin M
  • Croisile B
  • Boutoleau-Bretonniere C
  • Ceccaldi M
  • Gabelle A
  • Chamard L
  • Blanc F
  • Sellal F
  • Paquet C
  • Campion D
  • Hannequin D
  • Wallon D


  • Neurology
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